Badass track! I like the rythm guitar riffs and the song beat in general, the mix is fine, but I think it would be cool if it was clearer and bigger, the drums sound pretty metal.

Last time I listened to black metal was more than 1 year ago and I didn't really like it, but I do like the riffs and leads in your song, would be awesome to hear the final version with bass and all.

Good job man!

Here check out my new track:

Nice track man! I'd really like to hear it when you get the bass done. I could see it being a great intro track or even an "interlude" on a longer album. Do you have any lyrics/vocals planned for it? I could imagine some spoken word talking running in the background. Seems like a great structure for that.

As for the mix, the only thought I had was that it's really, really loud, and you haven't added bass yet. On some of the rhythm parts with palm-mutes I could hear what sounded like clipping. I would consider turning the levels down and/or EQing out a little bit of the rhythm guitars' low-end. But otherwise, it sounds great! I didn't actually hear a lot of a 'black metal' influence in it, other than the tremelo picking, but maybe you've got other songs that are more traditional in that style?

If you've got time, I'd love to hear your critique of my material: