Hi everyone,
I've been playing guitar for almost 3 years, and I wanted to make a big step forward and learn In The Name of God solo by Dream Theater, and I'm really determined to play it, even if it takes me a year but I don't know if I'm ready to do it, I can play the intro of Seven by Symphony X at 85-90 BPM and Scavenger of Human Sorrow by Death (the rhythm part).
So am I ready to learn something that fast or should i learn something easier before?
Thanks for your help.
Most likely, learning something easier first will make learning that solo easier later and you'll most likely save yourself a lot of grinding time. There's a big risk that aiming too high will make you give up after 2 months when the goal still seems very far away.

(Don't know the other songs you're referencing, maybe you're incredibly good already.)
I don't think I'm incredibly good but I'm a medium guitar player, I would say :p Then , I'll try something easier and I will come back to this solo later, thanks for your answer