So I've been playing for just 3 months. Granted, I have spent tons of time playing. Or trying too.

I've literally just recovered from Tennis elbow (from actually playing tennis) on my right arm, but now I have it but much worse on my left (fretting arm). I cant even bend it. Its obviously from the guitar. I always make sure I'm sitting correctly and take breaks, but I must be doing something wrong. I woke up this morning in serious pain

Can anyone help please. I'll lay off the guitar for a few days, but I'd hate to be out for months as I was making great progress.
Back from about 1981 to 1991 I was playing bass/guitar/keyboards/drums about 4 hrs every night after working as a software engineer and typing code all day. After about 10 years I blew my forearms out with tendonitis and right elbow with ulnar neuropathy.

Physical therapy...no help. Weeks rest without typing/playing...no help. Anti-inflammatory drugs...no help. Finally, elbow surgery (cubital tunnel release)...no help. What did help?

For the tendonitis...ice, ice, ice! I had to be super disciplined and every time I would be doing something that hurt (playing music, typing, yardwork, whatever) I had to stop, grab a couple ice cubes and rub them on whatever hurt until they melted. Rest for a few minutes, then resume what I was doing. If it began hurting again, I had to stop and wrap up with ice packs and chill out (literally) for a couple hours. For a couple years after the initial injury, I had to go to sleep wrapped in ice packs so I could wake up without pain and hopefully make it through 8 hours of work as a programmer...if I had enough gas in the tank after work to play music it was a bonus.

For the ulnar neuropathy, I began seeing an Osteopath (aka a D.O.). D.O.'s know how the body works more than any other Doc I've ever seen. He had my nerve tingling and weakness on the run in about a month of 2x a week treatments. No drugs...no surgery. He just physically manipulated my arm and spine doing what he called, "nerve releases". We developed a series of gentle stretching and Tai Chi that I do every morning before beginning any arm intensive activity. I kept seeing him for about a year to get back to normal but have continued with the stretching regimen to this day.

My treatment ended about 20 years ago and while the ulnar neuropathy has never returned, the tendonitis is an ongoing issue I have to be very mindful of. If I overdo musically and don't stop when I feel the pain, I can blow out my tendonitis and be in pain for a couple months. The ugly fact about tendonitis is every time you re-injure yourself, scar tissue forms which makes it easier to re-injure the next time. Sucks...but that's just the way it is...if you don't take care of your arms, you won't be able to continue playing the way you like.

Best of luck...
"Music is the only religion that delivers the goods" - Frank Zappa
Funny story...Yes go I bought a Taylor 814ce...at the time I was playing a Gibson acoustic, and a couple of old acoustic jazz boxes..But when I brought home my first Taylor I was taken by the sound and especially the ease of play.I mean really smitten by this thing.The neck felt so different and I played it constantly.
One day I noticed a small twinge of pain in my elbow when I picked up a quart of milk to put some in my coffee.After about a week or so, I was no longer able to even grasp that same quart of milk to lift it and I couldn't play.Iwent to an orthopedic guy and he said that I have tennis elbow!Its really just a repetitive motion injury to the sheath around the tendon in your elbow.The question was how did I get this..The doc said to think about what it is you do and have you been doing anything different.The only thing different is that I got a new guitar a month or so ago.AAHHHHA he said...that's it...Does it have a different neck than the ones you isually play he asked.And it did...
The long and the short of it was this...I had to get a shot in my elbow and it helped pretty much right away..The fix so it didn't happen again was to mix it up.Dont play any one guitar exclusively all the time... Use em all...and it has never come back ...but it did hurt like hell and the shot sucked as well....if you have time to dick around with this, you can try icing and wearing a band that they make just for this condition...available in the drug store...but you will need to stop playing while it heals... That's why I chose the shot....I can't not play....good luck to you...it kinda sucks but you'll be alright.
Hi darren98, I too had the same experience.
I was interested in both tennis and music. The guitar was my favorite musical instrument and I would keep on practicing it for long hours. During the vacation, I used to switch between both of these activities and that has caused a strain on my arms. I suffered from "tennis-elbow" and had to undergo physiotherapy treatment from ( http://www.physiomed.ca/treatments/physiotherapy/ ) Toronto. The treatment was really effective and the pain never came back.
I would like to recommend you to get some physiotherapy treatments if the pain was getting worse.
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