I already own a Marshall SL5 and a Peavey Classic 30

I'd like to get in the Fender territories and perhaps sell my Classic 30

There's a good deal locally on a Egnater Rebel 20.

Does it nail the classic Fender clean tone yet still cover the range of the Peavey Classic 30?
I don't think it does the Fender clean, doesn't seem to have that chime. Closer to Mesa's clean tone, at least my Mesa Mini Rectifier has pretty much the same clean tone.

It is a very nice amp and it does a lot but I don't think it gets into Fender clean territory.
why not sell the classic 30 and, you know.....buy a fender?
I am not a fan of Egnater. I had the Renegade, rebel 30, and a tweaker. They sound bland after the honeymoon period. They are chock full of gimmicks that make it look good on paper, which they overly emphasize that aren't that great.
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I liked my Rebel 20...

I also sold it. So that's how much I liked it.
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