I'm tired of buying crappy amps just to find out it's not what I wanted...
I'm a big boy now and I can afford the real deal

I don't play in a band and I will never gig, my playing is limited to inside the house at more or less TV level, ok maybe a bit louder than that!

I already have a Peavey Classic 30 and a Marshall SL5

I'm missing that classic Fender tone... I love the blues

What do you recommend:

Fender 68 Custom deluxe Reverb 22W
Fender Blues Junior Tweed 15W
Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb 12W

It needs to take pedals well

Obviously if I can find paradise on a budget even better!
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Blues Jr., Old vintage Champ, Super Champ X2 will all get it done. Go play thru em and decide which one has your mojo.
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Sell your amps and buy a Randall RM. I wasn't too into clean tone when I got mine, but it came with the Blackface module. The first time I heard it I simultaneously squealed and shat my pants in joy...that's between me and you, don't tell anyone.
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The '68 Customs are really nice amps that have classic Fender tone for days, but none of them have master volumes so, while they'll all sound great at neighbour-friendly volumes, they won't break up until you turn them up more (the "custom" channel will do so a bit sooner, but I suspect still louder than you'd like). Any of them will give you great - and pedal-friendly - cleans at low volumes, though.

So as far as that range is concerned it's basically as simple as: If you want cleans you could hardly do better (I have a '65 Reissue and in my experience the '68 Customs sound just as good for cheaper, as well as having the neat Custom channel), if you want properly overdriven Fender sounds at reasonable volumes they're not the one.
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I was in the same situation. I love the classic fender tone but only play by myself at home. I have put this same question out there and a lot of people say just turn it down, and you will never get overdrive at bedroom levels. Here's what I have done. I bought a drri years ago after selling a hot rod deluxe because it was way too loud after volume on 1.5. Deluxe was still way too loud to even get to 3 in volume - but that tube driven reverb and tone was amazing so I kept it. Bought a 1969 fender champ. Put a Weber speaker in it and Great clean sound but still too damn loud to overdrive and not the same as a bigger amp. Everyone says don't buy an attenuator it will suck your tone and speaker won't push air the same. Well it does suck some tone(eq pedal helps), and it's not exactly the same, but an attenuated deluxe on 4 or 5 or 8 volume sounds so much better than a deluxe on 2 with a tubescreamer level on 2 to my ears. Assuming the princeton is on par with the deluxe (i've never played through one) Out of those amps i would buy the 12w princeton as it will have more than enough clean headroom for the home, still has 6v6 sound and tube rectifier/reverb/vibrato, and I say you need an attenuator for playing in the house for any tube saturation (I'll never go back).
A Champ is hard to beat for small and Fendery. If you don't want any kind of breakup though you may as well get a big one (especially if you aren't going to be moving it a lot). You can still find decent prices on Silverface Fenders (especially the oddball ones - Super Six Reverb, the PA amps), and they sound pretty great. Try and find one that somebody else has went through and replaced caps and such on.

Failing that the 68 Customs are actually pretty great.
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As crazy as this sounds, get a small digital amp for practicing at low volumes - Yamaha THR, Roland Cube etc. There is no Fender amp that does bedroom levels well. You'll probably get better results with a digital amp at very quiet volumes, because you can get breakup at low levels.

That being said, if you have the budget, the best sounding amp I've heard at bedroom levels is my current amp, Lonestar Special from Mesa - it has amazing cleans and an even better reverb than just about any of the current Fender models. The most important thing though, is that it sounds amazing at low volumes - the master volume works very well.