Hi all,

So i've been doing some research but am still unsure about what my best option might be and was hoping someone might have some good advice.

I've been looking for a way to switch between pedal configurations both in front of the amp and in the FX Loop with one button and was wondering if it's possible. The following pedals are involved:

ISP Decimator G String Noise Gate (runs both in FX Loop and in front of amp)
Boss DD-3 Delay
Keeley 2 Knob Compressor
TC Electronic Trinity Reverb
Maxon OD 808 Overdrive

These are the two setups I want to switch between:

Clean Channel
FX Loop: delay on, reverb on, compressor off, overdrive off, noise gate off,


Overdrive Channel
In front of amp: overdrive pedal on, compressor on, noise gate on
FX Loop: noise gate on (same as the one in front of amp), delay off, reverb off

Is there an easy way to do this without spending heaps? I've seen some really complex pedal switching units like the G Lab ones but i'm not sure if I really need that for just two configurations.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I know of several pedal switching devices, and currently favor the Carl Martin Octa Switch, but AFAIK, no one switching device can actually manipulate pedals that are in the loop and in front of the amp simultaneously without effectively changing pedal location.

To explain: if I have 8 pedals in my Octa, and I want them to behave as if they are in front of the amp, I have to place the Octa in front. If I want the pedals in the loop, I have to put the Octa in the loop. If I mix pedals I want in the loop or in front of the amp in my Octa, their behavior will depend on where I hook the Octa up.
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Well, you could wire up a switching unit. The easiest way would require doubling up 9n a pedal though.

I am soon going to be doing this for my Rockerverb rig. But mine is much more simple (still eight pedals though).
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Several programmable loopers, like the Joyo PXL-Pro have 2 banks of loops, so you can place one bank in front of the amp and the other in the amp's effect loop.