I don't have any guitars with single coil pickups and I have one that I only intend to use for blues at this point. I know that it is possible to convert humbuckers to single coil but my question is will it be worth it? Will it actually have any noticeable effect. Can't really afford to buy a strat any time in the near future so looking for a cheaper solution.
^ yeah that's the handiest probably

you can get pickups like the duncan stag mag which are effectively two single coils together. i haven't tried them but, in theory anyway, they should sound closer to a (fender-style) single coil. but how much of an improvement they are over coil splits, I dunno, plus (again in theory) presumably the full humbucking tones aren't as good.

you can also get humbucker-sized p90s, but assuming you mean Fender-style when you mean single coils, they won't really sound like Fender-style single coils at all. (Again, I haven't tried any humbucker-sized P90s, but I'm just going by regular-sized p90s here.)

I think you can also get mounting rings which will let you fit a real Fender-style single coil into a humbucker mounting. That might be worth considering, too.
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Any 4 conductor pickup can be split. Higher output humbuckers will sound closer to regular singles when split, but none (except the Stag Mag) will sound exactly like a single coil because of other construction factors. You can split it with a switch, like a push/pull pot.
I wired a GFS VEH pickup (sounds a bit like the Satriani pickups) to be switched to parallel, and the thing sounds like a Tele bridge pickup! Very useful.