Hi guys.

I just bought a new LTD guitar as I'm getting back into playing after a few years off, and I was trying to choose a nice combo amp that will be loud enough for bedroom and band practice. I was thinking of the following 30w amps, Line 6 and Marshall respectively.

Marshall MG30CFX and Line 6 Spider 4 30w amps. Do you think 30w is enough for band practice or might I need more? and I like that the amps come with some effects as well. Bit more value for money I guess. And the type of music that I play is Iron Maiden/Metallica, if that makes any difference. I can get both amps for $300 so I'm trying not to go further than that but could do a bit more if 30w isn't enough.
The MG line has a bad reputation as do Spiders---like the ones to avoid. If you want something in the same category that isn't crap, Peavey Vypyr. A 6505 Combo might be worth it if you're willing to stretch and snag one used.
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For 300$ you can definitely do better than a MG or a Spider.
The 6505+ Combo that was suggested would be good and only slightly over budget.
If you still want some effects to be included you could go for the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60, which can be had for ~250$, and would be fantastic for what you want.

Here is a Vypyr 60:
MG's and Spiders are not very good amps, like others are saying the 6505/6505+ combos or Vyper modelling amps a much better choice, I have a Randall RG75 that I upgraded the speaker in that sounds great for a non-modelling SS amp. I keep it around for when friends come over to jam, I use my Mesa Roadster combo and they can use the Randall, my to keep from having to fire up my 6505+ half stack in my small jam room.

You can pick up Randall RG75's for around $100-$150 which leaves money for the speaker upgrade, they are plenty loud and have plenty of gain, they clean up really well too.
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