Saturday night and another song under way. Together with my old friend Lars, the Precious Games project continues.

Enjoy (happy for any comments - will return them)!

Twisted by Precious Games
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Guitar tone sounds kind of muffled initially, sounds better soon thereafter. Surprised when it took on a heavier vibe for the first time. Vocals are well done. The less heavier parts sound 80's, which is fine by me. The audio quality was very good on the less heavier parts. The heavier parts were a little muddy, I have no easy solution for that. Perhaps less distortion somehow. Good song though. Please review my music at this link (I do synths too):

@aaron: Thanks for listening and commenting, glad you liked the song. The muffled initial sound of the gritty guitar is due to the fact that a slowly opening low-pass filter was applied to that track (also to several other tracks and parts of the song). When it comes to the heavier parts, they are kind of dense as they include both quite aggressive bass-synths as well as high-gain amped guitars. Personally I do not find them particularly muddy or over dense, but then again my style of preference is death metal/deathcore so... Again, thanks, will check your latest work out.