Hello everyone,
i recently got a secondhand BC Rich Warlock NJ Series Speedloader with Floyd Rose tremolo system. Everything is working perfectly up to now . However, there is an petty unconventional problem with my guitar. When i pull down the tremolo to some certain degree, the high E string (the thinest) buzzes. After that point, the buzz is gone. The other strings never meet this problem. The buzz also never happens when i pull up. At first i thought the string might touch some of the fretwires. But the problems also occurs when i press the 24th fret (which is the final). Thus, i got no idea where the buzz would be born and don't know how to fix it. The buzz is insignificant when playing through amps, only shows existence when unplugged. i tried to record it to show you but the buzz doesn't appear in the record. Although this is a negligible problem, it annoys me sometimes, esp. it can reduce the duration of sound. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks a lot
Quote by Way Cool JR.
Maybe it's slightly hitting the neck pup? Try lowering the treble side of your neck pup slightly (or the entire pup).

even though the neck pup wasn't so close, i still lowered it. it still doesn't work but thank :p