So I sold my electric guitar amp a while back and have been using my fender electro acoustic. Been happy with it but now want more tone. I played through my friends fender mustang and it reminded me how much I miss the electric tone. I thus have come to the conclusion I want to purchase an acoustic practice amp which would be good for simple home recording and jamming with friends. I hope to couple this with a multi effects pedal to get some cool acoustic tones. Anyone know of any good acoustic amps? Don't want to be spending more then about £100. Just a small practice one I can record with would be great. Thank you.
Good acoustic amps will cost you more than that. Generally, a good acoustic amp will have much wider frequency response than a standard electric guitar amp, so you'll often see them with a woofer capable of generally lower tones than standard and a tweeter able to go higher. Here's a very good acoustic amp (near the top of the Carvin line) with great specs and sound: http://www.carvinaudio.com/products/ag300

If you're going to be using a multi-effects, you should find one that will allow you to record direct (most Pods, for example, allow you to run direct to your computer). As for a speaker system, find some really good used powered recording monitors (I've been using KRK Rokit 8's for a lot of things, but they're out of your budget). These have exactly what you're looking for: wide frequency response and built-in power. They'll use the Multi-FX as their preamp. You'll be able to use this setup for electric as well, should you get another.
Find an original Fender Superchamp XD. It has an acoustisonic amp setting that is really good. The newer X2 has it removed. Huge down side IMO for the X2 even though it has other advantages like the FUSE software and USB interface.