I'm new to the site and I just read through all the FAQs, but I had a hard time finding a definitive answer to where to ask questions about the "use" of this site. I really like the site and it's been fun, but is there a way to save songs "transposed" into the key I prefer? The songs seem to save that way until I log out ... then when I log back in, the songs return to their original key.

If I'm posting in the wrong area, I really apologize. I know that makes people cranky. If there is a better place to post this question, please let me know and I'll re-post there.


GOT IT!! When you click to make a song a fav....it saves it in the written key and you can't permanently change.....but ...if you look up a song and transpose before you click favorite...it will save in that key. Open a new account and transpose each song BEFORE you click fav and it will save the transposed version.