First song: Don't think I've ever heard of atmospheric black metal before. Perhaps too much delay/echo sustain on the intro, or perhaps a slight timing issue somehow, though nice guitar tone otherwise. Perhaps you could play with a click track or muted drums, and sync the delay to the song tempo if that is feasible. If you can't sync the delay to the tempo, I suggest you calculate the delay speed to match the tempo of the song. Sounds nice, a little scary towards the end. Please review my music at this link:

kali thanks for checking out my track it was helpful. A sky blackened by carrion birds is SICK!, when the birds start to hauntingly come in at 1:23 and on it gives it the purpose and theme. And creates imagery in the listeners head, for me it was my dead grandma in the middle of the street being torn apart by ravenous birds after the plague. The effects sound good it was mentioned that the delay in the beginning is out of time starting at 0:40 but I would leave it I do not think everything has to have perfect timing specially in atmospheric music.

Pestilence is a nice medley of atmospheric and BM. 0:00 to 1:46 sounds great it makes my last track sound like poser BM lol, drums could be louder though. 1:50 to 4:50 is a beautiful section love the interplay of those tones and the arpeggiated chords. Try this chord out sometime I like using this one for a nice dissonant sound, simple m7th bar chord just stretch that pinky out and raise that fifth on the g string.
E.x/13 optional

4:50 nice transitional build up in to this sounds nice and big, cool harmonics and feedback towards the end.
^^Thank you so much for the in-depth review! Don't knock yourself on that track you recorded -- I thought it was very unique and holds its own. (And great recording/production quality as well)

You're the first person who's told me that the delay being out of time didn't bother you -- thank you! Though I would like to fix that issue, I agree that sometimes (especially in ambient/atmospheric music) it's more about texture and cascading layers than everything being perfectly in time. I think the issue with the delay was that I played the parts with my delay pedal, and the way the delay reacted definitely influenced the way I played the riffs.

I tried to go back and play the parts without delay but with reverb, and it wasn't the same -- I couldn't play the riffs properly. I'm thinking I might just go back and play it one time PERFECTLY with the delay on and then duplicate the track and try to create a stereo image of it. That way the two tracks will be perfectly in sync with each other. Anyway, I've learned now how difficult it is to multi-track a semi-complicated riff w/ delay repeats. If it isn't played EXACTLY the same each time, the repeats start to conflict with each other.

As for Pestilential Flood -- I'm still working on the drums. They do sound very simplistic and that could be why I subconsciously lowered them in the mix. I intend to add some fills and work on the drums altogether before my album is complete.