Since about a month, whenever I pick my guitar up to practise, I put it down just as fast. My hands always feel soooo cold and I can`t play, it just feels bad. I tried forcing myself to play some fast excercises for 30 minutes, but it didn`t help at all. Everyone else in home says it`s warm, but my hand are always cold. What do you suggest? What warming excercises can I do? BTW I am not a fatass who sits at home 24/7, I am a rather active guy.
doesn`t really help a lot. I think it may be a blood-flow problem but I don`t see a reason why could it happen
I tend to play through a couple of ska punk songs when I need to warm up my hands. Something like this:
I ignore solos for warming up, so no bends or anything to strain cold fingers, lots of quick muting to get blood flowing.
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it doesn`t work. I notice my left hand gets a bit warmer after playing alot of fast lines, but even after 15 minutes of constant fingerboard raping they are still not warm enough for bends, and they simply hurt. For the right hand, it just doesn`t get warm at all
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doesn`t really help a lot. I think it may be a blood-flow problem but I don`t see a reason why could it happen

Diabetes is a prime suspect for blood flow issues. Get it checked out. You could also have carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists.
Under active thyroid can cause cold hands (and feeling cold in general). If you feel generally tired too get a blood test done.
I have the same problem. I've always had poor circulation in my hands. What I recommend is going to a jog before playing. Or at least do something active to get your body warmed up. If that doesn't work, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Keep your finger tips above the water so they don't get too soft.
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I have found that using Baoding balls (Chinese exercise balls, Chinese meditation balls, Chinese medicine balls and healthy balls) helped the dexterity and strength of my fingers a great deal...gets them heated up pretty damn good too.
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I've had this issue in the past. Not as bad now, but in high school and college I used a Mechanix glove, one of the thinner ones, and cut the fingers out for my left hand. It seemed to help. Also, you may want to be careful with pressing yourself when your muscles are cold. When you say things like "forcing myself to play fast exercises" or "15 minutes of constant fingerboard raping" it makes me think you may be working too hard too quickly. This can put you at a greater risk of injury. Be patient.
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Blowdrier. It works pretty well. If it doesn't work, see a doctor.
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You might (might!) be suffering from Reynaud's. Don't panic. It's poor circulation to the body extremities. Make sure your body (back in particular) is warm. Try a warm drink beforehand to ensure your body core temperature is warm. Try googling Reynaud's as it is quite common.
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Happens to me early in the morning. I just played scales over and over until my hands warmed up. They didnt until later in the day. Wondering if your hungry or its the time of day. See what you can come up with for possible causes.
are you experiencing any low blood sugar surges..feels like your out of energy..?? if so see the Dr..if not try this

raise you arms straight up and open and closed you hands into a fist..two sets of 20..until you feel the burn in your forearms..

if that dosent help..see your doctor..
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Try running warm water in your hands for a couple minutes and squeeze your hands into a fist, release the tension and repeat a few times. This should help get the blood flowing through your hands/fingers before even picking up the guitar. I do this in the winter a lot.