Hi Everybody ; Well I bought a used Ventura Guitar at Guitar Center . ( 335 Copy ) Thinking it was one of the old ones . They were great guitars . Well someone in Austin Tx bought the name and is selling them now. Any way when I got it I was very disappointed . The fret work was horrible. 5or6 frets too high so the action was terrible the electronics were junk. the edges of the frets were very sharp. I paid $279.00 Plus tax and shipping . I sent it to a guitar tec . Had it ground and crown . set up and new pickups and 500k pots new wiring harness . He said the neck and body were a good foundation to build from so I did. It's a monster guitar now. Sounds good clean and with pedals . But I found them on-line for $239.00 I have $620.00 in a $239.00 guitar . But it's a beautiful guitar. I would not recommend buying this unless you are looking for a project guitar and have the money to put in to it .
Have a nice day