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I am the proud owner of this rare baby. It arrived in two pieces, so I had a chance to examine its neck and neck-pocket. I always heard about pro's hi-quality craftmanship, etc., but this small stamp on the neck got me surprised/puzzled. Does it mean it was crafted in USA and then just assembled in Japan?

Added some other pics of the guitar for the curious out there...

Thanks in advance!

Nope. Those are just factory letters.
Every Jackson made in the US has it on the headstock.

Nice guitar tho.
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Quote by Chaz-6(sic)6
Nope. Those are just factory letters.
Every Jackson made in the US has it on the headstock.

Nice guitar tho.

Thanks for the reply.

So, yeah, I know about the heastock thing... but since that's just a plastic (perhaps acrylic?) cover that is added to the wooden headstock itself, which is then glued to the neck, there could be a chance that those factory letters had nothing to do with what they print onto headstock. Just saying. I had a "Made in USA" DK1 in the past, unfortunately I don't remember what was written under the hood... it was another nice guitar, btw. And other than the "Made in USA" on the headstock, quality was the same.
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Strange, no date markings?

Man, you are a genius! How come I did not make that connection? Lol

Regarding date markings, it has the serial number... although not on the wood.
Try the guys a JCF online, somone there may no for sure what those neck markings mean. What is the serial number on the neck plate? There are guides available to identify MIJ Jackson imports by serial number, Fusion MIJ Pre 1996 should have a 6 digit number and the first two digit reflects the year it was made for example if your guitar is a 1990 model the first digit should be 90.

6 Digit Serials
Starts w/ | Type of Jackson Guitar
0-5 | Professional (MIJ) [or No Series (MIJ) for 1995], first digit denotes year (0=1990, 5=1995)
6 | 1996 No Series (MIJ)
90-95 | Fusion (MIJ), first two digits denotes year (90=1990, 95=1994)
96 | 1996 No Series MIJ before switch to 7 digit serial

My Professional Series King V standard has a 6 digit number that begins with 3 so it is a 1993
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