...From the highland valleys resound the drums of death
Boots of steel march across bridges of stained wood
Burnt remains of sylvan unicorn altars weep in sorrow...

...Over the mountains where we lie in ambush
To the desert where our allies crawl in sand
We have fought tribes, clans and cities
Filled with life that just doesn't please us...

...And something in their faces just makes us sick
So don't regret one moment of the suffering...

...Each scream of mercy from children unanswered
Drops dead one of their disgusting angels
And when enough of their blood drenches you
Just maybe the fire will let you have a taste
Of what it is like to crush entire worlds....


I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland
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Vaguely surprised you dig these guys WC but then I recall the few darker "ambient" albums that we shared commonality on in the past and it makes sense. Slightly reminiscent of Gnaw Their Tongues and the darker aspects of Circle of Ouroboros. Highly recommended that this stuff is played on a good headset, even over some great monitors.

I think these guys have gotten better with each subsequent release (many seem to disagree) but I think they carved themselves more of a unique ditch that strays slightly away from "Raw BM band with some ambient here and there."
A heathen, conceivably
but not,

I hope,
I’m not ashamed to be white
Vi doede ikke... vi har aldri levd
Barbarism is the natural state of mankind
Civilization is unnatural

It is a whim of circumstance
an unenlightened one
I heard these guys a little while back for the first time and I've been meaning to check them out further. Pretty sick stuff.