I'll admit, I'm not the best when it comes to recording math-rock. I'm still getting into the genre and how to play it, but in the mean time I decided to record a few tracks.

It's a solo experimental project blending math-rock and post-rock, with a hint of psychedelic, and it's all instrumental.

All music is free and downloadable at:

You can also listen at:


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Nonetheless, I would appreciate it more than anything else to hear thoughts, opinons, critiques, tips, and advice!

Thank you, hope I'm not too unbearable to listen to!
I love the art and the titles actually made me laugh out loud! You obviously have a lot of room to grow in making the songs a little more cohesive and the production definitely leaves much to be desired. However, I think you have a cool style. I like math rock a lot, and I also listen to a fair amount of improvised music. This is pretty cool. I think what throws some of it off are the drum parts, for sure. They don't really line up in a way that you can latch onto. Unless all of it is intentional? Either way, great start! Good on you for getting this together and out there! You should be proud of it! My favorite song was probably Quixotic Wank Session!
Thank you lots! It means a lot dude. But yeah, I literally can't stand the drums haha. I'm not about to say it was all the computer's fault. However, I use an electronic set and I think the calibration with my recording equip is horrible. When I play it, it sounds good on the headphones but I'm usually not satisfied with the final outcome. It's also happened for less complex songs, so I'm pretty sure technical problems may be involved. Nonetheless, I will try to make drum tracks better for future songs. Again, thanks for the feedback!