i'm having trouble on going quickly from picking to tapping while still holding my pick.
do you have any tips for that?
IHow are you holding the pick and what finger are you tapping with?
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Ok,sorry for the late reply. I can tell you what I do and hopefully that will help. When I go from picking to tapping with my middle finger I slide my palm along the strings that I'm already muting while extending my middle finger. I don't lift my hand at all, but I pivot my wrist a bit to give my middle finger enough height to get a good sound, which is suprisingly very little.

Most of the time that I'm switching from picking to the tap I'm using hammer ons or pull offs while my hand is sliding up for the tap, so it gives your hand more time to get there than if you were to pick every note before the tap.

If you still don't feel its fast enough, point out as specific as you can what you feel is holding you back.
ok thanks, i'll try the sliding picking hand and hope it goes well
I usually pick a bit closer to the neck leading up to the tapping parts, and then I'll use the momentum from a downstroke to move my hand over, from there I'll either use my middle finger, or I'll catch the pick in my hand and use my index finger. I usually tap better with index, but un-palming the pick can get sticky. It's almost like doing a magic trick
I usually do it just the way you do. Hold the pick with the thumb and pointer, tap with the middle. Just takes steady consistent practice to get better at the transition. Sometimes, if I don't have to make a fast transition, I'll shift the pick over and hold it between the knuckles of my middle finger, so I can use the pointer for tapping. Just because of finger strength, I can get a little cleaner sound that way, and it helps if I'm doing a more complicated tap part, where I really need to move the tapped note around. Also, sometimes, if all I need is a couple real quick taps, I'll just use the edge of the pick itself for the taps.
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