Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help and tell me what guitar this is?

After endless hour's of searching the Internet I have found a couple of pictures, it seems as though nowhere on the Internet has any information whatsoever. I've got the Robb Flynn love/death flying V, but I'd love to know if these are in production.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Link doesn't work for me.
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Looks like a custom-painted Flying V to me. A higher-res picture would be helpful.

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That's the only picture I can find unfortunately. I'm sure Zwart is right though, I did read that flynn plays a custom esp flying V, an sp120 it's called. But no matter how much I search for it on the Internet it's like the thing doesn't, nor has it ever existed even though when I've seen them live he's played it.
Shame though cause he's got an all black one aswell and they look badass!