Growing up I was a huge Judas Priest fan. They were one of the first bands my dad got me to listen to as a kid, so with this one I just let their influence come through. Plus, it's always fun to sing ridiculously high in the style of Rob Halford.

What do you think?

Well damn,It's pretty late and I thought that I'll watch this tomorrow but I got sucked in.
There are some awesome riffs here,especially the intro! The only thing that's lacking (imho) is that there could be bit more leads!

PS:Awesome singing man!

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Guitar riffs are very good and you make it look easy (a compliment). Nice lead guitar. You sound pretty darn close to Halford on the vocals! If it were me, I'd ditch the first vocal scream (it sounds kind of isolated "by itself" without any vocals for awhile afterwards), even though there's nothing wrong with it. The singing is well done, and I'd like to hear some details on how you did them. Are they all double tracked, or you used delay, or ? Audio quality is very good. Please review my music at this link:

I always enjoy your work man, awesome vocals man, you've shown phenomenal range. Production and playing are top notch man, I love your tone and and your playing is clean.
Solo is awesome, harmonies are tight. I loved it man, can't really fault it!

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Wow. Great vocals and guitar work. Never really heard much Judas priest but this makes me want to check them out lol
I suck at guitar
I've never been a huge Judas fan, but I like the style of this song!

Vocals: You have very varied singing in this track, making it interesting to keep listening. I especially like the darker gritty bite you get in your lower range! Awesome performance dude!

Drums: Not really a fan of that sterile tone that is present in metal a lot. The drums serves the song but they could be a bit more varied.

Guitar: Solid tone and really feels like it's the backbone to the song. You could throw in some small variations throughout (small fills etc) to keep the listener interested! The solo fits the song, not really much to say there, which I could do leads like that!

Overall a cool song man! I think the vocals is what really pops out the most, such a solid performance!

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damn! this is awesome, the guitar tone sounds metal and smooth, the vocals are awesome I think, pretty amazing how good you imitate the singer of Judas Priest, last time I heard one of their songs was years and years ago, so I don't remember the sound perfectly either, the whole track does sound like Judas Priest, with a more modern sound

the solo sounds more modern, I think, and you've done a very good job at being a 1 man band!

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