i've got a Sticky nut... no big deal.. i figured later on i'd get a bone nut installed.. but i just saw a youtube video about a lot of the Gibson guitars have Epoxied in Nuts that are REALLY had to get out... do they still do that?

The Youtube video in Question -incase you wana know what video i watched
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I've replaced the nut on my Gibson and the old one came out fine.
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Have you tried lubing it with graphite?
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TO replace a Gibson nut you simply score the finish around the base of the nut (may not be much finish to score on a Faded model!) with an exacto knife. Then after removing the strings or loosening them and getting them out of the way another way, you place a small block on the fretboard up against the nut and tap it gently with a hammer. Or you can simply get a competent tech to file the slots for you (you need proper tools for this) as it should be less expensive than a full nut change. There's nothing wrong with the artificial nut material they use and bone nuts won't make much of a tonal difference considering they really only affect open notes. The the thing to worry about is the tonal balance between fretted notes and open notes.
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i just saw a youtube video about a lot of the Gibson guitars have Epoxied in Nuts