So ever since getting a new Yamaha receiver with built-in network and internet radio capabilities I've been on the lookout for some good stations. Particularly metal stations.

Personally I find that radio is the best way to discover new artists or genres you would have not otherwise been able to find. Some of my favorite songs and bands I've found completely unexpectedly. Internet radio allows this.

Seemingly most of the metal based stations focus on old-school metal and power metal, or the occasional gem that plays underground death metal or black metal. But as of recent I've been on the lookout for lesser-known modern prog metal and tech death bands which none of these stations seem to cater to.

I've also used Spotify Radio and Pandora and the similar services. They worked for a bit but in the end they always start to play bands and artists I'm already familiar with.

Anyone aware of some really good modern metal net-radio stations? No particular artist or genre (preferrably proggy and techy stuff tho).

Some of my current favs:

Brutal Existance
(former name) Impericon Radio
Metal Arena
Just In Case Prog

In the need of many more, please suggest
well Death.Fm is really the only one I would suggest but you already know about that one

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