Hey I'm new here and I'm mainly self taught but I've found myself playing the same strum patterns or riffs over and over when creating new stuff ( usually in 4/4 ) and I was so seeing if there are any tips to help me break out of that a little bit and once a riff is created what's the best way to move forward with it to make a full song of it.
Listen to a few of your favourite tunes, and observe ... if you can, get software to slow down the music, while keeping the pitch the same, and loop short sections, and copy. From this, start building a vocab.

Really, what you want to do comes from playing, listening, playing, listening ...
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Maybe try something different for a little while, Getschwifty? A different style of play, I mean.

I play fingerstyle and I'm in a rut also. I spend 90% of my playtime idly noodling, working on things I already know. Cracked my right thumbnail, was forced to trim it, and long story short I'm forced to flatpick until my thumbnail grows back. It sucks not being able to use my thumb normally, but I'm going to be improving on flatpicking until it grows back, so maybe it's a blessing in disguise (my flatpicking stinks).
I assume you mean stuck in a rut regarding songwriting rather than guitar playing in general?

Browsing for new music to listen to is a nice easy way to gain inspiration. Follow some lessons on this website to learn techniques then incorporate them. I personally like to set challenges if I am trying to write a song and nothings happening. For example writing a song in 3/4, using unusual chords, etc.