Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been asked before
I'm a beginner guitarist who decided to give guitar a go after playing bass for 1 and 1/2 years. Because of the way I fret notes on bass I'm having trouble with strings muting when I try to play chords on guitar. For example if I play these chords:
D|-0<This note is muted by the finger fretting
A|-2<This note

B|-3<This note is muted by the finger fretting
G|-4<This note

G|-0<This note is muted by the finger fretting
D|-2<This note

I hope this gets across the problem I'm having. If any of you can help me to fix this I'd really appreciate it. It's been my problem every time I've tried to pick up guitar.
Luckily for you, I'm a guitar teacher. Common problem that many of my students have. Make sure your wrist is not below or behind the fingerboard. If it is, roll it forward. In doing so you thumb will pop into a more appropriate position as well. Next is the fingers, make sure you are using the fingertips (roll that wrist up) and that the first knuckle is bent. For the second chord, (the drop 2 Em7 chord) you can do a half bar with your index finger on the 1 (D string), use the pinky for 5 (G string), middle finger for the b7 (B string) and ring finger for the b3 (e string).
surely you can get all the notes to ring out properly if you give yourself enough time to set up the fretting hand? if so, then it's just a matter of getting used to the proper positioning. lots of things on guitar seem physically downright impossible at first.
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