I'm looking for a delay pedal that can do infinite repeats (feedback) when holding down.

Requirements from the pedal:

1) Should not oscillate.
2) Infinite repeats by holding down a switch, and then let go for it to quickly decay.
3) Must be able to set the tempo with a tap tempo switch and the repeats should be aligned with that tempo (no knobs).
4) Regular pedal sized (no fx boards).

It will probably have to be digital since all my analog delays oscillate.

Let me give you an example of what I'm looking for.


It looks like he uses a Boss GT-100 and it seems tempo is already set, so he just press down for it to repeat (feedback) and lets go in between chords. I'm looking for a pedal that can do exactly that.

I've tried loopers, but its really hard getting the tempo right when jamming with a band as you will have to double tap the whole time.

Some people say the DE-20 can do that, but I have tried reading the manual and cant see anything like that.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure I understand your requirements, but check out the Eventide Timefactor - it's bigger than a regular pedal though. It has an infinite repeat function, tap tempo, and you can assign any parameter to be controlled via foot controller, such as feedback, mix etc.

In one of the modes, the left footswitch is your on/off, the middle one is the infinite repeat, and the right footswitch is your tap tempo - add a an expression pedal to that and you have everything covered.

I highly doubt you'll find a small sized pedal that meets your requirements
Thanks for your input.

I'm looking for something like that, but it should be a hold down button instead of on/off. Also, I want it pre delay to be looped, not post.

In the video I linked, you can see the guy presses down on the switch (whilst playing a chord) and keeps it in to increase feedback or repeats of the delay, and then when he lets go, it fades out. Then press and hold for a new chord.

Lets say I do this with the eventide, when switching between chords, it will include/repeat the actual delays as well causing a weird combo of the previous chords delay and the new chords (with some very dissonant sounds). So it has to be predelay only.

The BOSS DD3 does very similar thing to the eventide, tap once to record and tap again to stop and it will repeat that part.

I have two problems with this:

1) If I want to loop to a click for lets say 8th notes, I have to tap once to record and then stop exactly for an 8th note. Its very hard to get it perfect. So I need to be able to set the tempo (tap tempo or saved the tempo in a patch) before hand.
2) Im looking for a hold button (that uses the tempo determine the length) instead of start and stop tapping for repeats.

I hope that clear things up.

If someone with a BOSS DD-20 can verify if its possible that would be awesome!

If all else fails, I will either have to make a mod, or build a custom pedal myself, but I can't imagine it doesn't exist already. I mean the GT-100 does it, so the smaller ones should have it, right?
After reading up a lot and watching 100's of videos, I think the feature is called WARP on the BOSS pedals.

As far as I can tell its only available on the DD-6, DD-20 and GT-100.

Can anyone confirm this?
The Strymon Timeline and Boss DD-500 both have quite advanced deep editing functions - you might find one of them can do it. I have the Timeline and it definitely does an infinite repeat thing when you hold the button and then stops when you let go. The DD-500 might have the Warp thing though.
Thanks for the reply, I'm interested in the timeline. Do you know what the features called so I can google it? I'm only able to find the looper functions where you press start, stop, and overdub.

If you know of a video that would be awesome!
The DD-20 can do the Warp thing, although the repeating signal does get a bit louder. I used to use it all the time. It is a great pedal, btw.
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The DL-4 can do it too, just set the delay to 'Digital' and map the feedback to an expression pedal. The DL-4 is one thing Line6 got really really right.