I bought a 62 AVRI tele neck pickup recently to install in my Modern Player Tele Plus. When I first installed it, there was hum cancelling, but the neck and middle were out of phase with each other. When I switched the wires, the sound was back in phase, but the hum cancelling was gone and touching the neck pickup cover made a very loud noise, like it wasn't grounded, or some other problem. On some advice, I ran a wire from the pickup cover to the control plate, and the sound cut out completely. I ended up going back to stock, and my money is going to waste. My question is, what's going on, why would this happen when I'm only mixing Fender pickups, and how can I make this pickup work in my guitar?
Regular Tele pickups aren't setup for hum cancelling - presumably either the middle pickup isn't reverse wound, reverse polarity or the neck pickup you bought is the same wind direction or polarity (or both? I'm not sure exactly how it adds up) as the middle one. And as for the loud noise, I'm pretty sure you can't reverse the wires on one of those neck pups because the cover needs to be grounded.
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For an update, I checked my pickups with a compass for polarity and found
Neck - N
Mid - S
Bridge - S/N

New neck - S

Would switching the jumper on the pickup baseplate change anything, or is there a way to change the pickup's polarity?