Do you have a serial number? What specific bridge is it?
Do you know what year?
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It should be an OFR the Kramers from the late 80's came standard with them and the studs were flathead not hex.

For the late 80's the necks and bodies were made in Japan by ESP, the U.S. models used imported bodies and necks that were assembled in New Jersey. It should have a real Floyd and a Duncan JB with Schaller tuners, the imports were made and assembled by ESP and were identical with the exception of having ESP tuners and pickup the model numbers for imports were F1000 for that particular model.

The U.S. models should say American after the Kramer Logo the only other cosmetic difference is the truss rod cover would say Baretta or for the import version F-1000, truss rod covers are easily switched for deceptive purposes, and the price difference is considerable, like I said the U.S. model should say American like this:

Without that faking would be easy because even the neck plates are the same. So I would be leary unless the seller can offer some other proof that it is indeed an American.

I did alot of research when I bought my F-1000 this is why I know, I talked with the guys at the Kramer forum and they verified that it should say American for a U.S. model.

Here are some shots of my 1987 F-1000 that looks identical to the one you posted.

The OFR Floyd with flathead studs:

The headstock is identical to that one you posted except the trussrod cover:

The U.S. model may be able to be traced by serial number for verification, if he can't offer Further verification then it is most likely had the trussrod cover switched and is an ESP built import which is essentially the exact same guitar save for the word American, the seller may or may not know and could have been deceived when they bought it but the selling prices for the U.S. would be more, the imports are worth $200-$350 depending on condition I paid $250 for mine and is is in really good shape no chunks, dents or Deep scretches. Hope this helps!
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just as a side note the early Baretta's that had the banana style headstock are the ones that are the most desirable.