I bought this guitar around 3 years back as my first guitar and I bought another guitar and i keep it away and i picked it up and play it today and the it plays great the pups are hot as hell. and this is spec as i remember
-Alder body
-Bolt on maple
-21 frets
-volume,tone,either a killswitch or a coilswitch,5 ways
-floydrose copy as i remember
it said Aria excel series on the headstock
here's some picture
thank you
Not sure about the exact make.

My 1st electric was an Aria pro 2, basically a Frankenstein clone. Looks like this one is a wannabe Jackson.

What do you need the ID for? Selling? For that, you can describe the bridge as a floating tremelo with a locking nut. It is not Floyd Rose licensed.
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Quote by sashki
It's the Aria XL DLX, made in Korea. Some sources say it was discontinued in 1995 but I think it might be more recent than that. Maybe it's an updated version of the model.

exactly thank you!!!
I just want to identify this guitar
for my friends and ex-bandmates because they are really curious about the guitar I let them borrow it and all of them said it was a nice guitar and I tried playing it and it was great the pick ups are amazing I loved it is there any other guitar with this pick ups ? it said OH-1 humbucking and the tone out of that thing was lovely