Hey! I have to return the classical guitar I've played for about 2-3 years so I am looking for a new guitar. I have a budget of max 400 euros. My local music store recommended me the Sigma DMC-STE or the Washburn WD20S. However, I have a hard time deciding which of these to get. The Sigma has Fishman electronics and a cutaway. I'm particularly interested in the Sigma, does anyone have experiences with Sigma? Thanks in advance!
I have minimal experience with the Sigmas, but I quite like the Washburns in that range - even the ones in the 10 series, honestly. At the upper end of that budget you could even go for the 30 series. They also have Fishman electronics and a built-in tuner.

Check out the back on this one:
For Classical Guitars, Sigma all the way!

They are just fantastic and, IMHO, cannot be beaten for the price.
Your budget gives you a nice selection but really its impossible for people to give you a perfect answer via a forum. Opinions on guitars are subjective and what you love will differ from what others do.

My advice would be to play both and if you enjoy playing it and feel like you just want to keep going then thats a good sign. What feels nice in your hand and sounds good to your ears is your guitar. To be thorough plug it into a PA (not an amp) and listen to the sound to see if you either like it, or at least think it sounds like it should.

Then hopefully you know! Good luck buddy