I just received my new Epiphone Casino, Gary Clark Jr. sig guitar today. Very happy with it - NGD thread may follow sometime soon.

BUT: As great as this guitar is to me I sincerely loathe the strings that it has been delivered with so they are in for at chance very soon! But I wonder what the stock gauge might be? They feel pretty darn stiff and heavy to me, so I would like to reduce the gauge for my next string change.

I've been googling and checking out Epiphanies website but no luck finding out what the default gauge is...

Does anybody know, please?
Probably 10s.
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I know it is not really new, though I think it hasn't changed in years

Thanks. I reckon mine has 11's on... I makes sense to me. I will try to get some 10's for it then.
Gary Clark Jr. uses 11's on his I think, so it could be that they put those on for accuracy. 10's should be fine. Strings don't cost the world either, experiment with it. :P
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Strings don't cost the world either, experiment with it. :P

True... I just hate changing them...
All of Epi's other Casino versions are listed on their site as using D'Addario 10-46 strings. Same for Epi's thin body archtops and Les Pauls. Could well be that Gary Clark, Jr's versions are strung differently. Epi's site does not explicitly state the GC models' string size.
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