I am starting my own business. I do not really *know* what it is

My life interests and pursuits include the following:

- Recorded Music
- Visual Art
- Science
- Technology
- History
- Archived Record
- Biography
- Biology
- Economics
- Literature
- Physics
- M-theory
- Spirituality
- DMT Hyperspace
- DMT Dimensional Analysis
- Physchology
- MBTI Psychological Typing
- Expansion on MBTI Psychological typing, Type prediction, action prediction, thought prediction.

Obsessive, all-encompassing, thorough, and absolute "all-in" training in any and all topics regarding, but not limited to, any and all fields above. Simply mastering and becoming the best in recorded history is not enough. I am at eternal competition with myself. Every passing day I must be more advanced than yesterday, or else I fail. Stopping personal advancement, training, perfection, etc... is not an option.


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