So I have seen various silly saw-themed guitars, but I had the thought of making a lap steel guitar from an actual chainsaw, or at least chainsaw components. The bar would be the neck and I'm sure that you can imagine the rest.

My biggest concerns would be the ergonomics of the engine enclose, which would house the electronics somehow, as well as whether the bar is thick enough to handle adequate tension (20-30 lbs per string). Tension is less of an issue if I go with less strings though rather than 8. Actually, attaching two saws side my side to make a double neck console steel would be a neat idea, but that does involve double the work.

It's just like... is a six inch wide "body" going to be feasible? Now in theory since it only houses the electronics, I think it could be fine with a long enough bar (so the body fits past my thigh). Obviously adding legs to the instrument would solve that problem. And legs are a definite if it were a console.

I would imagine that the tuners would be at the body end and the balls would fix in just beyond the nut. Obviously I would remove the motor and chain from the saw. I want cutting tone, but...

Another possible though is building an upright, Asian style fiddle and making the body some kind of resonator. I don't know. There are a few different ideas. The biggest limit is that since the bar is the neck, any instrument that requires you to really finger the neck probably would not work unless it is a purely tapped, Stick/Warr Guitar style instrument.

I have to think about it. It's not really a "practical" concept, but obviously the intent is to make a cool, aesthetically interesting instrument rather than a super functional one.

Any thoughts?
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