I always feel the urge to come up with some creative name for whenever I do one of these, so don't mind that.

I bought this wonderful guitar 2 days ago on a lovely Monday night as soon as I got out of work. My local music store ordered it in for me a couple weeks ago, and it came in. I have been wanting this particular guitar for the last 5 months or so, and I finally have it.

What is the guitar, you ask? A Fender Jaguar Classic Player HH in a beautiful Olympic White finish.

The Specs:

Thick C-shape neck (similar to a Les Paul)
Fender Enforcer Humbuckers
Volume/tone controls
Low-cut switch
Variable coil-split pots

My Thoughts on it:

The neck feels really comfortable to me, and it greatly reminds me of the neck profile on my Epi LP Standard. It took a couple minutes to get used to this neck only because I was so used to the much slimmer neck on my Fender MIA Strat, but I've easily became accustomed to how it feels and plays without any difficulty.

Playing it through my Vintage Modern, these pickups sound great. They are pretty hot and they remind me quite a bit of a Paf-y sound similar to that of Duncan Jazz or DiMarzio Ar Zone that I have in two other guitars that I own. When it comes to cleaning up a dirty tone, they do exceptionally well, and still remain a somewhat even volume while being "cleaned up."

Having a variable coil-split as blender pots is a really interesting, unique, and versatile idea that I love about this guitar. I can go from full-humbucker to one coil and anywhere in between, but I've found that I liked them rolled off just a tad from full humbucker as it makes them slightly more "quackier" and more unique.

So far, the only thing that I had to do was change the direction of the killswitch on the upper horn. When it was in the down position, it was off; the upper position was when it was on. For some reason, this greatly bothered me on an OCD level, so I changed it so when it was down, it was in its "on" position.

All in all, I really do enjoy this guitar and I see it as the perfect compliment to my Stratocaster that I bought a few months back. This brings my current guitar count to 6 in my possession, and this particular guitar is the 10th one that I've ever owned, so now I'm in double-digit territory!

I'll post pics in a separate post because they're kind of bigger.
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Nice score!
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Congrats on the new guitar.

So a couple of questions, then...

I've never understood the value of a kill switch like that on a guitar. It really isn't designed to be use in performance; it's just to turn off the guitar. With most of the guitars I have, I just roll off the volume and they're effectively off. You mention repositioning it -- why?

And while I've tried the "blend single coil to full humbucker," I've rarely found them useful where they 1. Don't have repeatable position markers and 2. Can't be quickly and repeatably reset to a most-used position from an extreme in either direction. At one point do you lose the humbucking quality of the pickup?

Talk about the low-cut switch -- is there information on where it cuts (what frequency) and how *much* it cuts available from Fender? This is one area where I'd find a roll-off (pot) beneficial, I think. I have a couple of mids roll-off pots, and each is different. One cuts mids a fixed amount, but the pot allows you to vary the frequency where the drop is centered (sort of like a passive wah), the other cuts a fixed frequency but allows you to vary the amount of cut.
that's not a strat.

congrats though! looks like a nice jaguar!
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Nice score man. Looks sweet
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The Killswitch: You know, I never really had much of an interest in a killswitch, and the only really time I messed with something like that was on my LP with individual volume pots and messing with the toggle switch. I mean, unless you're Buckethead or Tom Morello using it as part of your primary usage of your songs, I will never use it other than an off switch on the guitar (even though, as you said, the volume pot is essentially the same thing).

As with switching the orientation of it? I did so because if I ever want to just mess around with it for a bit for shits and giggles, it will be like how I'm used to it on my LP's toggle switch when I used in on the LP. I would always turn the volume down on the neck pickup up (so, up on the toggle is "off") while the bridge pickup remained on (down on the toggle is "on"). Essentially, it's more of what I'm used to in the very rare occasions that I used it.

The Blend-Ups: I do agree with you on the inability of repeatable positions, and that can make it a pain in the butt to dial in just right as well as not easily getting back to your favorite positions. When it comes to losing it's humbucker quality, I assume you mean "When does the one coil turn off?" From what I've noticed, if you start in "complete single-coil," you'll only get like an 1/8 of the entire pot's spin before you get the other coil kicking in.

Low-Cut Switch: You know, all Fender's website says is that it includes the switch and not the exact frequency range it cuts. You know, that would make it really helpful as to what range it actually affects.
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