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Option 1 (Single disjointed guitar solo)
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Option 2 (Dual guitar solo)
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Currently in pre-production with my band and we're trying decide between two options:

1) Have just the first solo (3:20, although listen to it in context please)


2) Having the solo section extended and having a 2nd guitar solo straight after by our other guitarist.

My opinion on it is improve just the first solo slightly since I feel the 2nd solo is too generic and "just another rock solo". The first solo reminds me a bit of the Flamethrower guitarist from Mad Max which suits the themes of the band.

The 2nd guitar solo guitarist's and bassist's view on it is that it's not in tune, doesn't have harmonic structure, etc. (which is what I like about it personally).


Option 1:

Option 2:

(P.S: Ignore the out of tune bass, flat guitars, and terrible mixing.. )