I need new amp and i'm searching for the best jazz tones. Something like this
I found theese amps
Which one will be better? I know i can't sound like Martin Taylor, but i want something similiar.
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I don't know the Epi amp, but the cleans those Fenders deliver should be just fine. Carvin amps would be another to consider.

However, there is something else to consider. A lot of jazz cats prefer good solid state amps- not modelers- because they're capable of delivering super cleans. Again, Carvin has some good options, as do Roland and Quilter. Acoustic as I recall as well.
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+1 to a solid state amp. Even a keyboard amp would be a good platform for jazz guitar b/c the eq is pretty flat. I had a lesson with Les Pack, an instructor at one of our universities in Arkansas, and he had a hollow body guitar, I think an ibanez, and played through an old Peavey 1x15 amp. So when I went to college and played in the jazz band, I used a very similar rig: Ibanez hollow, neck pu with tone rolled mostly off into my Peavey Bandit clean with the EQs all at 5.
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