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I don't know a lot of about the technical stuff and i just play for fun but i've been having this problem with my new guitar when i bend on the 14th fret on the 1st string, it would start to rattle ( video down below ) and i'm not sure if its got to with the frets or what so some help would be useful


I have an Agile AL 2000 Floyd that fretted out when I did a two-stop bend on the 16th fret. That usually indicates one of two things: either the radius on the guitar is too small (this can happen on the older 7.25" vintage radius Fender strats) or there's a fret or two that isn't quite level further up the neck (past, in your case, the 14th fret). Since my Agile has a 14" radius, that wasn't the problem, so I had the frets superglued and leveled. Problem solved. The fret superglue did two things; it eliminated the possibility that a fret would 'pop up' due to a climate change, and it serves a "cork sniffer" tone benefit in filling the tang cavities and eliminating "dead" frets. StewMac has a newsletter or two on the benefits of supergluing your frets (but I'd suggest you leave this to a Really Good Tech).