Hi fellow UGers, this is full on Hard Rock/ Metal! So my band has been in studio the past 2 weeks and we are on the lookout for gigs as we've been missing in action on local stages. Since a few festivals request links to social media and streaming sites, we've uploaded snippets of the pre-pro stage onto Soundcloud. Let me know what your critique is \m/

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Hey, don't worry, UG doesn't discriminate.

I just listened to the tracks, actually hoping they'd be full tracks and no snippets xD

Anyway, the hard rock was absolutely there! The riffs sound pretty hard rocky and the drumming sounded old school too, like a hair metal from the 80's! Liked that vibe, even the vocalist kept the feeling going and that's top notch.

Can't say much more, since they were short samples, but you guys seem to be on a good start!

I'm also from Africa, bee tee dubs. Angola, specifically.

I hope you can review my stuff out, too: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1701912