Well YEAH!!!
Rush pretty much ruled my world back in the late 80's! I freaking love Hemispheres and 2112.
I loved all the prog rock especially concept albums and produced several myself (toot toot).
The opening sounds of 2112 overture is one of the most awesome things to crank up and thrash about to if you want to get siked.
love rush, my favourite band since i heard la villa. something about the 3 of them together that makes this unreal creative synergy!
Rush perfected the attitude, I'm not gonna sell out, not going to give in to the masses they played their music, not what the record companies wanted, not what the radio stations played. They are top of the line musicians and if you've ever seen them live you know what the definition of perfection is. Now it takes a certain kind of person to be a Rush fan.,it requires the ability to recognize talent and musical genius and a love for innovative creativity. I see them as being the original Dream Theatre. There is no other!! So, Yes, I would say I'm a FAN! Unwavered for 40 years.