Hello to everybody, I was wondering if is it possible to slip emg 89R and 81TW wiring at one push pull, the wiring don't require tone.
With a 3 way switch I would achieve this :

push pull down : switch up - Neck Pickup (89R)
push pull down : switch mid - Neck and Bridge Pickup (89R & 81TW)
push pull down : switch bot - Bridge Pickup (81TW)

push pull up : switch up - Neck Pickup Splitted (89R)
push pull up : switch mid - Neck and Bridge Pickup both Splitted (89R & 81TW)
push pull up : switch bot - Bridge Pickup Splitted (81TW)

There is a way to wire it with an only push pull?
I did it with 2 dimarzio and it works following this diagram :

(Invalid img)

Can it work with 7 wire instead of 5 ? and how do I connect?

Thanks in advance for any suggest, best regard from Italy
Can't be done. The EMG 81TW, 89, and 89R all require their own push-pull pot. So for two pickups you need two push-pull pots. If your guitar only has room for one control, you either need to make room (drill) for a second control, or you can only use one of the dual mode EMG pickups.
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