So a guy that lives about 30 minutes from me is selling a VOX Valvetronix VD30, The 30 watt modeling amp tube/ss hybrid. And hes asking $130 So do any of you guys own an amp in the Valvetronix line and is it worth the money. Or should I just save for a better amp? (My amp setup right now is a MG15 from 2005 and an Ibanez Distortion which I like the sound of enough) Thanks!
If you want an upgrade from your current amp save up more to get an all tube amp.
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If you want an upgrade from your current amp save up more to get an all tube amp.

But dont you have to replace the tubes on an all tube and isnt it pretty pricy when you do?
^It is not too pricy. Maybe maximum $100 USD depending upon the amp. But generally a full tube set is $70ish maybe. You only really need to replace a tube when it blows, which is not often. I do recommend to get a new tube set when buying an amp, as if it is used the tubes may be on the verge of blowing, if it is new the tubes are probably shoddy, cheap stock tubes. But you do not have to change them, only when one blows.

The VOX Valvetronix stuff is pretty decent at used prices, and would be a great step up from the MG series, but I think you should save up a little more for a better step up. If you want the Hybrid stuff, check out the VOX AV series, which does the Valvetronix thing but better.
I own two Vox VT30 amps. One I paid about $225 (as I remember) new and one I bought used on EBay as a backup for $110. I love them and have not had a problem with either one since I bought them about 4 years ago. They go to gigs every week and haven't developed any issues. If the amp doesn't come with the footswitch I highly recommend you get one. They are overpriced but without it you can't change setting on the fly.

Whether or not it is good for you depends on what kind of music you play. I play a lot of various jobs from light jazzy type restaurants where I need clean tones to shot and beer bars and clubs doing classic rock and heavier rock (not metal). This amp is good for all of that. In larger rooms I mic it through the PA. It's loud by itself but I mic it for balance. For me it's perfect.
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My amp has original RCA tubes in it. The power tubes have been replaced with Mullards, but I mean tubes aren't as fragile as some people seem to think.
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I just got an old AD60VT a few weeks ago. Solid-State w/ tube preamp. You really only get the tube characteristics if you've maxed out both the Volume and Master Volume because of the design of the amplifier, but man for a hybrid it sounds god damn fantastic. I usually play on the UK 80's setting (Marshall JCM 800) I kinda suck at dialing in the EQ so my sounds are hit and miss but it has all the built effects I could ever need and to be honest if you're smart with the controls it sounds amazing. I'm not sure how the newer Valvetronix amps are but mine is heaven on earth. I previously had a Blackstar ID Core 10 that I thought was the best thing since sliced butter. After playing the Vox I realized how boxy and tiny it sounded.

EDIT: Mine also has a power attenuator on the back. I have never turned up past 1 watt because of how loud this thing gets. The neighbors were watching me play in the garage the other day. Lol
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