I've been thinking about putting a new pick up in the bridge of my B.C. Rich Jr V and decided on one of the Bare Knuckle models. Problem is I don't know which I should get. I play rhythm guitar in a death metal band and use a Mesa Single Rectifier as my source of distortion. The guitar has the stock B.C. Rich passives in it and they are lacking a certain something.
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I have both the Cold Sweat set (In a Dean Rc7X) and the Juggernaut set (In an Ibanez Rg2550z), both for more Deathcore related music and I would recommend the cold sweat set. Keep in mind they are of a lower output being higher on the treble side, giving a great amount of clarity. I have heard good reviews about the Pain Killer set which is what I plan on getting next but cant say anything about it now.
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Contact them. In my experience- including with Bareknuckle- pickup makers tend to be fairly helpful about matching their product to your genre.
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