So, i have a Schecter Demon with floyd rose and i mostly play metalcore and when it comes to soloing i play mostly shred stuff, like john petrucci, vai, marty friedman etc.

I have a problem with my guitar, i think that my action is too high for that playing style, i tried to lower the action from the floyd rose as much as possible but then when i bend the first string on 14th or 19th fret the note dies, i can pretty much bend exactly 1 tone and if i bend a few cents higher the note dies, it happens only on the first string on those frets, and also my truss rod is turned to the max, if i turn it to the opposite side the string action would be too high, so it's turned to the side where it's "low action friendly" (sorry, i know it's a noob explanation but english is not my first language)

I hate my string action, my fingers are pretty long and thick and many times especially when i play clean stuff and chords i end up with tips of my fingers between the strings or under the string. One example would be the first clean part from "Erotomania"from Dream Theater, many times when i play that part i'm playing it with mistakes because of my string action. Another example would be the clean part from master of puppets, i have a hard time playing that part perfectly because of my string action but also because my fingers are pretty thick

So how is your string action compared to mine?

I took 2 pics of my string action:


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my action is about half of yours.

why don't you get the guitar set up?

Get a setup. Why is your truss rod maxed? That's generally not an action adjustment. Action is generally adjusted at the bridge.

If you've got too much bow going on in the neck, it will be hard to drop that action.
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if its a bolt on neck you need a shim between the neck and body joint to change your neck angle to lower strings .... simple and you can use a couple business cards or more if needed to lower the action as much as you want
If your truss rod is too tight you create a back bow which is no good. You want your neck straight or with some relief (a bit of dip). So I'd loosen the truss rod a bit (quarter turn counterclockwise) and then start lowering the action.
Hard to tell in the pics but looks like you have a good bit of bow in the neck. I would first start by flattening the neck. Then adjust the action at the bridge by screwing in the floyd studs until it's where you like it. Then tune to pitch and see if you have any buzz issues. It doesn't always work out on the first try to be prepared to make adjustments once you see where you're at. Setting up a guitar with a floyd takes a little longer.