I used to play guitar hero before I pick up a real guitar. Now I'm having a hard time keeping up with the beat and I think that guitar hero is good for improving timing and rhythm.

Do any of you has the same though?

Playing guitar hero is more relax because you always hitting the right note and the right time and you never miss a note.
In my experience, the often horrible input lag in guitar hero is only detrimental for your sense of rhythm.

After I started playing guitar, I got worse at guitar hero because my sense of timing improved Could just be that I had a faulty controller or a bad connection ofc.
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Well, should I re-download it or use other method to improve my timing?
For me, as I remember there is no lag input because I was using a keyboard to play from a computer.
No, it has absolutely no benefit in terms of actual guitar playing.
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if you want to get better at guitar hero practice and play guitar hero

if you want to get better at guitar practice and play the guitar

for improving timing use a metronome
Why not mix your passion of video games and playing guitar and just buy rocksmith instead?It really does work on improving your skills.
I have rocksmith and it's suck. I don't know how people can do a 60 days challenge from Rocksmith.

Rocksmith remind me of my boring guitar teacher that made me quit after 1 week and start to learn guitar myself.
For sure, it helps your brain understand things like low note triplets timings. And also helps in odd time signatures. As long as you play those games while practicing guitar, the cross training will pay off.
It may improve a non-musician who doesn't have any kind of sense of rhythm and give them some kind of an idea of rhythm. But you have already been playing the guitar for 1.5 years so no, it's not going to help you.

I listened to your recording, and I do think you have a decent sense of rhythm. When people said your problem was timing, they didn't mean you had absolutely no sense of rhythm. They were talking about more subtle things. Your timing is not perfect, but it's not that bad either. For somebody who has been playing for 1.5 years it is decent. Practice with a metronome - it will improve your timing. Another thing is playing along with recordings. Why would you use guitar hero for that when you can play the real thing?

I wouldn't recommend Rocksmith. From what I have seen, it's not that great. After all, it's just a video game, not an actual learning tool. I think it focuses on the wrong things (it focuses too much on playing the right notes, and only gives feedback based on how many right notes you played). It's good for having fun, and of course it works for learning to play songs 100% note for note. But then again, it can be way too accurate.

Just watch this:


When you notate something too accurately, it may make you close your ears. If you need tabs to figure out the notes, fine, but use your ears for all the different techniques and try to match the sound of the recording instead of looking at the screen and trying to do everything exactly like the computer tells you to do.
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For sure, it helps your brain understand things like low note triplets timings. And also helps in odd time signatures. As long as you play those games while practicing guitar, the cross training will pay off.

Yeah, that low note triplets timings is what I'm trying to talking about.
For me, timing was never a practice thing. It's something I have, like an extra sense. It's like asking if something like painting helped my vision. Except my muscles are separate, so there are things I can't do with good timing, until I have practiced so that they physical movements are easy.

If you are different and want to practice your timing, I would suggest practicing your timing explicitly on your guitar.

So, for me, good timing helped me play guitar, and any other instrument, and guitar hero with the toy controllers, but as mentioned above, when I tried with a real guitar, the delay made playing impossible. The idea that one of these things would help me with timing, is kind of reversed. It is timing that helps me with these things.

But timing is a thing you can train also.
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