i can't choose between the JCM-1C and JMP-1C ! And i can't find or try any them... (i only can find some to buy on the internet)

knowing that i'm looking for van halen brown sound and i love playing hard rock from 80's what will you suggest to me ? (Van Halen is a preference over everything).


Why those two? That 1 watt lineup wasn't very good. What's your budget?
well i will buy a Bray 4550 for playing with my band. However i'll need a little amp for practicing at home (not something loud). I really love British plexis. This is why i only want marshall. I know that there are nice things like orange, hughes and others... but no my loyalty is lead to marshall :P
Get a studio 15, then. I think it's silly to blindly demand a Marshall, but that's your choice.

The 1 watt series doesn't sound better quiet just because they're small. They're just not very good amps.
well i heard some records and in my opinion the 1w models sound better x) ! i just want to know which one i should buy.
Try them both and see what you like better. Like, one is a JCM 800 and one is a Plexi. They're close in sound but not exactly the same.

Studio 15 is a great little Marshall but if you don't like it, then fine.
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