I have a Marshall DSL15C and I've noticed that the amp has quite a prominent hum when the volume is high.

The hum is affected by the volume and tone knobs. It isn't present at low volumes, but becomes steadily more prominent as the volume knob is rolled up.

The hum is present when there is no input lead.

I tried the amp in different outlets to no avail.

Does anybody know what I might be able to do to sort this?


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If it helps here's a video so you can hear it.

Not sure whether this sort of noise would indicate interference or a pre amp tube problem?

Any help would be really appreciated.
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Sounds like maybe a ground is disconnected? Does it still pass the guitar signal normally?

Yeah the guitar comes through normally

I've found my receipt and it's covered by a 2 year warranty so I should be able to get it looked at by the store. I'm going to ring them today and see what they say.
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I took it back to the shop and the guy agreed that something had bust when it was compared with a new one.

They sent me off with the new one which was totally awesome and unexpected. I was thinking I'd have to wait whilst it got fixed. Totally awesome that it was literally sorted in 10 mins.