So i currently have a Presonus Firewall interface with 8 inputs. I like it and it records through firewire to my Mac just perfectly, but I've decided I wanted to get an Interface to improve the ease in adjusting tracks for recording, and for live jams, and also small shows.

I currently play with a 3 piece band. A drummer, guitar player/sing, and me on bass.
I wouldn't need to use all 5 mics for drums, except for just recording drums at one time.
But I would probably do overheads and kick, then Bass and Guitar for jams. So 5 Mics at once at those times.

Really I was just wondering if the one i'm looking at will do the job for me, and be enough inputs. I also plan to have a keyboard player (who would probably go through a "1/4 cable.)
every once in a while and maybe another guitar player for those said Jams.

Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions!

This is the one I really like and am debating.


I'd like to stay at the price range due to the larger one being $500.
Is the 16 channel input a better idea?
And do all the tracks get separated in Logic? Or is it all in one track together.


Also, anyone have any experience with GuitarCenter's "restock" merchandise?
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From what I see on this mixer, most likely the "stereo out" will be sending stereo USB to the computer so what you mix is what you record. I am not crazy with the compressor settings as they're "dumb" - you can't really tweak anything, you'd have to hope the factory algorithm works.

Look into this:

or the R24 - I think you can use it both as a mixer and a multitracker, but I guess it is not fully featured as a mixer as you might want it to be.

Do you need more of an interface or a mixer?
If it is mixer you're after and 2 track USB audio is OK from the master bus, have a look at these:
More UBS options:

About "restock" merch - it is usually OK, just make sure there isn't something missing, like software or proprietary cables. Usually these are items that have been returned by someone that didn't like them.
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A lot depends on what other PA equipment you will be using. If you are just using it as a recording mixer that's one thing but if you want it to double as a live PA mixer then you have to consider your power amps and speakers (or active speakers). I have both Mackie and Behringer boards and for the past two years I have been using the Behringer Xenyx X1222USB with my band. We like it quite a bit.
My only experience with using it as a recording board is taking the USB out to a Tascam recorder using a Lexicon interface. Like diabolical mentions the USB on these boards will give you a stereo out but not individual channels (if you had that thought in mind). I also think the compressors in the Behringer aren't very useful, at least not on vocals. The one knob compressors don't give any room to adapt it to the input (they have no attack or threshold to adjust how it works).

Yamaha is good stuff but I also love the Behringer.
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