As a continuation of my post in the Bugera thread, I broke something in my Trirec after I accidentally turned it on without the speaker cable fully in, I didn't have my guitar plugged in but it was sitting like that for several minutes before I realized I did something stupid.
it turns on but won't go out of standby.
Anyway, I need a tech to see what I broke, if there isn't any near by I wonder if anyone has had any experience shipping their amp to get it repaired.

A little bit of a drive for you maybe, but in Evansville there is a guy who works on stuff that is apparently very good. I haven't personally used him but a friend I know has and praised his work. It is "Volition Amps" and the guy works out of the basement in his house. The area paper had an article about him a while back.

As much as i hate going in there, the music shoppe on 25th street. They tend to be over priced in my opinion. But they do amp repair.
I actually got am RMA for the amp, have to ship to Vegas at one of their authorized repair centers. I'm obviously dubious about that but I figured I'd try, might just be an internal fuse, nothing went pop, just doesn't come out of standby, or at least I hope.