Hey guys! I'm needing some help tabbing out a song. It's a simple song, but I'm not so great at reading music or writing tabs.

I need help getting this tabbed out for Bass Guitar.


Thanks so much, guys!

Open Up Our Eyes - Elevation Worship


Greater is the one, who's in us
g#m F#
Stronger is the one who fights for us
He will never fail, You will never fail


E B F# E B F#
For Your love endures forever, O Your love endures forever
E B F# g#m
Open up our eyes, surround us with your light
E B F#
Your love endures forever

Verse 2:
Mighty is the one who's for us, mighty is the one who's strong to save
He will make a way, You will make a way


g#m E B F#
Our God is fighting for us always
g#m E B F#
Our God is fighting for us all
g#m E B F#
Our God is fighting for us always
g#m E B F#
We are not alone, we are not alone
In that song the bass plays chord roots all the time. Sometimes long notes (in the quieter parts), sometimes 8ths (in the more intense parts). In the beginning it doesn't play at all. Just listen to the song to get an idea. But you already have the correct notes.
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