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So I have a cheap guitar that I use for taking places. It's called a R.W. Jameson, and surprisingly is of decent quality. A girl I know, who is an AMAZING artist, has offered to do a sharpie design on the back of my guitar. I sanded off the finish completely with 100 and 80 grit sandpaper. The back of my guitar is now just the bare wood. I know the sharpie design that she will do on it would eventually wear off, so I'd like to seal it when she's done. I have Tru Oil Gunstock Finish in my room. Can I use a few layers of the gunstock finish to seal it? If not, what brand of clear lacquer spray should I use? Thanks!
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how long do you wanna make it last? polyurethane will last for decades, but if you don't have any or a gasmask, you'll have to buy it (not that expensive). any type of wood oil will probably work though it won't last as long. if you are planning on using oil or shellac or anything like that, i'd suggest getting a spare chunk of wood with sharpie and doing a test run just to make sure it doesn't distort the sharpie. and if you are doing oil, don't hold back. apply liberally
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